I’m currently re-looking at a project I demonstrated at the Ipswich Raspberry Jam back in October. I setup a Raspberry Pi along with a TNCPi to transmit and receive APRS data using amateur radio. Since the Jam, I haven’t played much with the project, but recently I have been thinking of ways to turn it into a mobile/portable setup.

Yes I know I can buy ready built systems such as the Tiny Track and the new Pico APRS, but what would be the fun in that!! I like to dabble so am currently looking at ways to turn my experimental setup into something I can pick up and plug in.

I have a couple of Pi Zero’s, so would like to use one of these along with the TNCPi connecting to my Wouxun handheld (or should I buy a cheap Baoefeng for the job…).

I’ll post updates as the project progresses…..