APRS and the Pi

APRS and the Pi

I have now volunteered to exhibit at the next Suffolk RED event my Raspberry Pi APRS project. I have previously exhibited this at the Ipswich Raspberry Jam, and had lots of interest from hams and non hams alike. My plan is to show the project “as is” at...

APRS Tracking

I’m currently re-looking at a project I demonstrated at the Ipswich Raspberry Jam back in October. I setup a Raspberry Pi along with a TNCPi to transmit and receive APRS data using amateur radio. Since the Jam, I haven’t played much with the project, but...

First Blog Post

Hi and welcome to my first blog post 🙂 Here, I will place regular(ish) updates with what’s happening here at G7VNN, particularly in respect to any projects I have underway.